The Journey Since 1965

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About the Karmo Group of Industries

Karmo Group of Industries is the first company in Bangladesh to have started the production of Polyurethane products. We have started our journey from 1965. For the past 30 years we have been outlasting our competitor’s brands providing consumers with comfortable and convenient Polyurethane products. Today Karmo is the leading Industry in formulation and manufacturing of rigid and flexible polyurethane products. Karmo has never been doubted by its consumers before because of our consistency and dedication when it comes to Quality and Customer satisfaction. Karmo has the largest Raw Materials stocks in Bangladesh to ensure a smooth production and delivery system to its customers. Karmo imports Raw Materials from the largest and renowned Multinational chemical companies

throughout the world namely BASF, MOMENTIVE, SHELL, MITSUI and DOW etc. Karmo uses the “STATE OF THE ART” technologies and machineries to ensure the best customer satisfaction and consistent Quality of our products. As we believe in staying in the peak of Comfort and Luxury we have extensive usage of advanced technologies and computerized machineries in the production line. Our versatile flexible and rigid Custom Formulated Products can be found in the adhesive, taxidermy and custom-molding industries as well as in many other applications. We develop both formulations and applications expertise for each customer’s unique requirements.

Message from the Karmo Group Chairman

Chairman of Karmo Group


Mofizur Rahman Babul

I am very much delighted to introduce Karmo Group. Since 1965 a history of creation and challenge took its first step with the incorporation of Karmo Foam Industry. Karmo Foam Industry has a proud history as a leading Bangladesh-focused company. Although we have multiple businesses, we have three main products: Foam, Mattress and Chemicals developed in Bangladesh. Riding the wheels of difficulty over the past several years, Karmo Group has taken a firm root growing into what it is today. Karmo Group of Industries is still growing day by day to be a Conglomerate into new Industries. All achievements are the rewards for the sweat shed by a highly motivated and loyal team of professional. Over the years Karmo Foam has made a remarkable advancements and achievements. The company’s positive business policy is to fulfill its prime responsibility to the environment and customer satisfaction through the development of its member’s creativity and self-innovation. I personally thanks to all the internal and external support that was given to Karmo Group of Industries. We do hope to be cooperative to all our valued customers & well-wishers.

our proud board members

Shanaz Akter Kusum

Shanaz Akter Kusum

Senior Vice Chairman

Shohan Shahrior Mofiz

Shohan Shahrior

Vice Chairman


Zehan Shahrior

Deputy Managing Director

Ocean Shahrior Mofiz

Ocean Shahrior

Assistant Managing Director

We are representing some world class product.

Products are widely used in the fields of chemistry, sanitary, medical, Architecture, household electrical appliances, aquarium, autos and motors, sewage and petroleum treatment for filtering, protecting, decorating, straining, cleaning and others.